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Prescribe NovoTears Today

Anyone Can Make Serum Tears. We Make Them the Right Way.

Did you know that there is only one way to properly prepare serum tears?

That is why we prepare NOVOTEARS the EXACT SAME way EVERY TIME.

Preparing serum tears the right way guarantees bioavailability of growth factor peptides, fibronectin, immunoglobulins, and vitamins (1). These are critical to help the patient with chronic/severe dry eye. Consistency in preparation is paramount to maximize the healing effects of a serum tears program.

The same coagulation time*. The same centrifuge RM & spin time*. The same nano-filtration. Every time.

(1) Time- and Temperature- Dependent Stability of Growth Factor Peptides in Human Autologous Serum Eye Drops. Bradley et. Al., Cornea. 28(2):200-205, FEB 2009.

BOOST your Novo Tears with additional active ingredients.

+ Cyclosporine

+ Na Hyaluronate

+ Omega 3

+ Vitamin A


+ Artificial Tears


Info Sheet for Your Doctor

Why NovoTears?

NovoTears is made by Hunt Valley PharmaLAB (HVP), a 503(A) Pharmacy in Maryland. Unlike other providers of serum tears, HVP processes each prescription in a certified clean room, conducts sterility testing ABC quality language.

You choose the NovoTears course that works best for you:

  • NovoTears 45 offers a quick six week supply to help patients get relief fast for less money, and give them, and you, a chance to see if serum tears are the best course of treatment for them.
  • NovoTears 90 this three month supply is perfect for patients who may not need to be on serum tears for the long term
  • NovoTears 180 offers a six-month supply of custom eye drops 

NovoTears are packed in a freezer-friendly container so place them in your freezer once they arrive at your door. Simply use one 3mL aliquot at a time, store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Keep the rest of your NovoTears in the freezer for up to 6 months.

NovoTears is the most affordable solution for your patients.

Don’t be fooled by fancy and confusing pricing programs. When it comes to cost per month, NovoTears is your patients’ most affordable option.
Supply Quantity Cost Per Month Total Cost*
45 Days $100 $150
90 Days $98 $295
180 Days $75 $445

*Blood draw and shipping costs vary by patient location. Call for a quote.

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