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What are Autologous Tears?

Human tears are a complex, multi-layered film that protects and lubricates your eye.  Tears contain beneficial components such as growth factors and vitamins to support tissue health, structure, and growth. 

NovoTears™ contain vital nutrients and proteins that maintain healthy eye tissue.¹ When the eye doesn’t produce enough of its own tears, eye drops become necessary. But pharmaceutical eye drops lack the biochemical properties of real tears and can lead to persistent eye dryness.

Hunt Valley PharmaLab offers patients NovoTears (generically referred to as Autologous Serum Eye Drops). Because NovoTears are developed from your own blood serum, they are non-allergenic and nourish eye tissue like natural tears.

Multiple studies have proven serum eye drops are far superior to conventional treatments when treating severe ocular surface defects.

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Why NovoTears?

NovoTears is made by Hunt Valley PharmaLAB (HVP), a 503(A) Pharmacy in Maryland. Unlike other providers of serum tears, HVP processes each prescription in a certified clean room, conducts sterility testing ABC quality language.

You choose the NovoTears course that works best for you:

  • NovoTears 90 offers a three-month supply of custom eye drops. This gives you and your physician the opportunity to see the benefit of NovoTears prior to committing to a six-month supply.
  • NovoTears 180 offers a six-month supply of custom eye drops 

NovoTears are packed in a freezer-friendly container so place them in your freezer once they arrive at your door. Simply use one 3mL aliquot at a time, store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Keep the rest of your NovoTears in the freezer for up to 6 months.

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