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Time & Money

(Tim to Edit) We Also Streamline Ophthalmology Practices and Saving Time & Money.

As the largest ophthalmology focused company in the Mid-Atlantic, we know ophthalmology practices and surgery centers inside and out. As such, we help ophthalmologists save time and save money by:

  • Offering competitive pricing on medication matched with free delivery with minimum purchases.
  • Accepting virtually all insurance plans and being experts on helping your patients save money.
  • Offering next day delivery of virtually all custom, generic, and branded medications. This saves money on large purchases, large inventories, and stock outs.
  • Providing same day preparation and delivery of anti-infective eye drops for your patients.
  • Managing your inventory by reviewing expiration dates of medication in your surgery center, thus reducing disposal of expired medications and saving money.
  • Providing rapid repackaging services of fast moving medications such as Avastin®.
  • Offering Pharmacist of Record consultation services to help surgery centers meet their accreditation requirements.

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